Productivity Enhancers

  • Audio Conference

    With our Audio conference service, you can now change the office space forever. This service provides you the convenience of holding conversations with your team members at different locations through a phone.

  • Video Conference

    Now you and your colleagues at geographically distant locations can interact in real-time with full-motion video and audio. Our video conference service provides a virtual meeting environment, giving you the benefit of real meeting. Besides the audio and visual transmission of meeting activities, this service can be used to share documents, computer-diplayed information, and whiteboards.

  • Hosted Mail

    Make your business more productive, efficient and competitive – with powerful, integrated mailing solution. PLANET offers you mailing solution that helps you work smarter. With zero investment on hardware or software you can immediately get started. PLANET’s Hosted Mail is completely managed by us, so that you don’t have any hassles of security, backups and upgrades. Now you can focus on your core business and increase productivity while we manage you mailing needs.