Corporate Internet Services

Internet Bandwidth

High Speed access for seamless connectivity. Internet Bandwidth is simple, private and dedicated internet connectivity at high speed to your premises with features like guaranteed symmetric bandwidth – security – last mile agnostic – state of the art network management – trans Atlantic & trans Pacific peering. Internet Bandwidth is available in 2 flavours – Business Bandwidth & Enterprise Bandwidth.

Features of Internet Bandwidth

  • Internet Bandwidth delivers guaranteed bandwidth
  • It is a highly secure Internet access medium
  • Internet Bandwidth enables organizations to connect users on their LAN, simultaneously to the internet.
  • Support applications such as e-commerce, web applications, ERP and video conferencing
  • Useful for businesses that host Internet Servers for commercial and business activities
  • Internet Bandwidth can also be utilized to transfer large amount of data over the internet.
  • Highly flexible, cost effective and scalable to adapt to future needs
  • Internet bandwidth rates starting from 512 Kbps up to multiples of STM-1